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Christian RI Instructors or RI assistants/helpers

Christian Religious Instruction Alliance Qld

Multiple locations QLD
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Recruiting: Christian RI Volunteers to teach Religious Instruction in Queensland state schools in 2023.


Christian churches in Queensland are now recruiting for Christian RI Instructors or RI assistants/helpers for religious instruction in state schools. 

As Christian RI continues to grow, more RI Instructors and RI assistant/helpers throughout Queensland are needed to deliver RI programs in classrooms. The program is provided to students who have been opted-in by their parents/carers into a Christian RI program in their local state schools. 

Christian RI delivers engaging and contemporary religious instruction classes because local Christians through their church, choose to be involved.  RI Instructors encourage students consented into Christian RI to question, explore, and discover the Christian faith.  Christian RI is delivered through a cooperative of Christian churches in locations throughout the state committed to delivering quality Christian RI programs in schools. 

No matter your skills or experience with students, don’t let that stop you.  Christian RI will train you, mentor you, and support you.  

Are you interested in joining a growing team who help shape the values and provide life tools for the next generation?  Come and take advantage of the opportunity to discover for yourself if RI is for you.  You spend time with experienced RI team members until you are fully ready, equipped and confident.


If you passionately believe in sharing about Jesus, God and the Bible, and connecting with the next generation who through RI are growing toward being positive role models demonstrating grace, care and compassion in our community – then Christian RI is a great ministry. 

To find out more about Christian RI: 

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